Hello friends across the world!

KW is a global community of Kyuss fans coming together over a love of desert rock and beyond! With a mission to preserve, promote, and explore the legend and legacy of Kyuss member’s projects and the Southern California Desert Rock scene in general!

The fans of KYUSS WORLD hope the band members can put aside differences they’ve had in the past and come together in a spirit of good will and blow our minds one more time.

2016 has been the deadliest year for rock legends in quite some time and also been the year of many high profile reunions. These artists are realizing that their differences mean much less than the legendary music they created with their bandmates and there is no better time than now to bury the hatchet. Life is too short. No one knows what tomorrow holds.

If even for one day, one performance, this show would be monumental! Fans would travel from across the globe! Band members could help raise money for charities of their choice. Josh Homme has a great charity, Sweet Stuff Foundation that helps musicians dealing with illness, that could benefit greatly….and I’m sure that the rest have worthy charities they’ve helped in the past!

Please, please consider this with an open mind and heart.

Sign the petition here!


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