• August 2015…
    PJ Boston, KW member, and host of San Francisco’s Metal Groove Radio show on hit up KW’s founder Nathan Lawver about doing a monthly take-over of his show ,featuring desert rock music and the musicians who make it!


Since it’s inception, KW Radio has had some EPIC shows  many legendary guests including Kyuss members and KW members!


September 2015

Inaugural Episode 1 with special guest Mike Cancino (Unida/House Of Broken Promises)

October 2015
Episode 2
Halloween special playlist…PJ talks to El Beardo who just interviewed Nick Oliveri and Mondo Generator

KW meets Mondo Generator

November 2015
Episode 3
KWRADIO has in-studio guests Mike and Nick from the band HORNSS
Coming up in the desert in bands like Solarfeast and Jack Saints gives these guys a unique insider take on the desert scene!
NL gives his report on the COC/Brant Bjork tour!

December 2015
Episode 4
Mike Pygmie (John Garcia/Mondo Generator/You Know Who) stops by to give us the low-down on the new YKW record and share some epic stories of growing up in the middle of the desert rock community!

Feb 2016
Episode 5
Chris Hale of Brave Black Sea and Slo Burn calls in and chats with PJ and crew, plays us some Prizefighter (Chris’ early 2000s project), drops on us an unreleased demo from the upcoming Brave Black Sea album, and gives away TWO records, BBS’ Fragments album and the Slo Burn EP ‘Amusing The Amazing’ to one lucky KW member
Audio podcast:

March 2016
Episode 6
The Godfather of Desert Rock, Mario Lalli!
Following the premieres of 2 documentaries on the SoCal desert rock scene (Desert Age and Lo Sound Desert) both of which explaining the huge part that Mario had to play in starting and nurturing the scene and inspiring some of our favorite bands, including Kyuss!
We were soo happy to have Mario join us and we had great time busting out some of Boomer’s favorite jams including KWRADIO exclusive unreleased tracks from the forthcoming Yawningman and Fatso Jetson releases!

May 2016
Episode 7
This month, PJ and the crew are joined by all-star KW members Cara Makuh and Miguel Chavez…These two have found each other and started a legendary friendship through KYUSS WORLD! They’ve taken that friendship to many killer shows and even a desert rock pilgrimage to the Sky Valley sign!
They’ve both brought tons of tunes to the studio including Fred Drake, The Hellions, Brant Bjork, Kyuss, Brave Black Sea, Greenleaf, Dozer, Fatso Jetson, Golden Void, and many others!

June 2016
Bonus episode 8
Good friend and supporter, Marc Lewis of Doors to Nowhere chats with PJ and crew about his band’s future, Kyuss, and general mayhem!

Late June 2016
Episode 9
The Arty Love Show coming at ya LIVE from Indio, CA!!!
Arthur Seay guitarist extraordinaire for Unida and House Of Broken Promises chatted with PJ about new HOBP, the unreleased Unida album ‘For The Working Man’ and went LIVE on Facebook for a simulcast (that didn’t work quite as planned!

July 2016
Episode 10
Guitarist Bob Balch of Fu Manchu and Sun & Sail Club plays for us a recording of the very first S&S jam session that includes our favorite bassman Scott Reeder!

September 2016
Episode 11
John Garcia’s Birthday Show
PJ and the boys cranked out JG’s greatest hits to honor his birthday!

Late September 2016
Episode 12

Kyuss World Radio started in September of 2015 when Metal Groove Radio teamed up with KW for a monthly show dedicated to the desert rock/stoner rock scene that spawned Kyuss, QOTSA, UNIDA, SLO Burn, Brant Bjork, etc….
This is the 12th installment of KWRADIO and is a recap of all the amazing guests we’ve had on the show…and PJ Boston was visited in-studio by Bay Area member and friend of the show Cara Makuh and Eric The Elevator Guy stopped in to share his crazy stories of elevator mayhem!


Episode Lucky number 13

With Year 1 in the books…it was time to bring in one of the heavy-hitters!!! John Garcia comes on to talk with PJ about his solo career and upcoming acoustic album! PJ even asks him if he’d participate in the ‘Kyuss Reunion for Charity’ that KW is petitioning for!

Late October 2016
Episode 14
Marc Lewis Of Doors to Nowhere on the NEW release from D2N, Arthur Seay pops in to give us the low down on House Of Broken Promises’upcoming NorCal show WITH D2N and PJ’s band Jack Shaft….and Nick Oliveri calls in at the buzzer!

November 2016
Episode 15
Damon Garrison of Slo Burn/Brave Black Sea

December 2016

Episode 16
2016 Year-In-Review
We had a huge year on KWRADIO and we spent some time reflecting on it!

January 2017
Episode 17
PJ Boston’s Birthday Spectacular
PJ is on the hot seat for once as he’s interviewed by KW’s own Cara Makuh!

Late January 2017
Episode 18
Cara and Francis in the studio

February 2017
Episode 19
Desert Chillin’
PJ and Foze blazing through our favorite chilled out desert rock tracks!

March 2017
Episode 20
Dave Dinsmore
Dave brought a killer playlist of his favorite tracks, gave us a history lesson, and an update on his and Brant’s plans for the year!

April 2017
Metal Groove Radio #105
Nathan from Kyuss World Goes To The Desert

With KW founder in the desert for his first pilgrimage…PJ and the boyz are gonna blaze up some desert jams and talk to El Beardo while he’s in the same time zone!

Late April 2017
Episode 21
Robert Owen (AKA Robbie Waldman) Of Waxy

May 2017
Episode #22
Brant Bjork
BB chats for a while about Kyuss’ early days, his killer current band, and his coming new LIVE album!!! He even gave us an advanced listen to a track from it!

June 2017
Episode 23
Blues For The Red Sun 25th anniversary show!

Special guests share their stories involving Blues and it’s earth shaking release in 1992! PJ chats with Brant Bjork, Nick Oliveri, Arthur Seay, Marc Lewis, and Nathan Lawver

July 2017
Episode 24
Brady Erickson of Slo Burn

September 2017
Episode 25
Member Jason Hall of Ruined Vibes Records
Jason (and many special guests) chat with PJ about all things desert, releasing small batch boutique vinyl, and jam out to Jason’s hand picked playlist!

October 2017
World Kyuss Day

PJ cranks out the top Kyuss songs as  decided by a KWFB poll…and we get a surprise special guest when SCOTT REEDER calls in from The Sanctuary!!!

November 2017
Tony Tornay Of Fatso Jetson/All Souls

Tony gives us the lowdown on his new project All Souls and shared some brilliant stories of growing up in the desert!

December 2017
Tony Reed Of Mos Generator
Tony goes in-depth on the past/present/future of Mos…

New Years Eve 2017

Ryan Jones
Promoter behind Desert Generator and Stoned & Dusted

Ryan announces here first plans for when and where the big show’s going down for 2018!