Kyuss World was formed as a Facebook group in May 2013 with Instagram and FB pages following shortly after.

With the mission to preserve, promote, and explore the legend and legacy of Kyuss, its member’s other projects and the Southern California Desert Rock scene in general!

With Kyuss living and dying just before the internet revolution of the mid-late 90s…KW has been able to help usher in a whole new generation of fans to the fold.

As of late 2022, numbers have grown to 32,000 followers/members on Facebook and 42,000+ followers on Instagram.

From 2015 to 2020, member PJ Boston hosted a celebrated monthly internet radio show out of San Francisco that featured guests including every member of Kyuss and most other prominent desert musicians who also happen to be members of KW. (Some of these shows can be found on In 2020, the radio station went off the air. Kyuss World Radio will likely see a comeback in some form in the near future. Most notably, PJ has been able to get them all to agree that a Kyuss reunion is not “off the table”!

Since 2017, Kyuss World members have been meeting up annually for a mass #desertrockpilgrimage at the ‘Welcome To Sky Valley’ sign on the east end of Sky Valley, CA for a group photo.

In 2019, just days before this gathering, vandals attempted to steal the sign. Within hours, members in the area for the gathering and locals banded together to repair and reinforce taller and stronger than it’s ever been. The group photo went off without a hitch and saw 100+ people from 15 US States, and 10 countries represented.

KW intends to continue to grow as a community and gather at the sign regularly. Starting in 2023 the gathering will happen around World Kyuss Day, a holiday created by KW in memorial of the first Kyuss show to not happen because of the breakup in the fall of 1995. KW members blast their social media feeds with Kyuss on Oct 1st every year in hopes that keeping this candle lit will bring about a reunion one day.